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about robin

Robin began her fine art career at the Ontario College of Art and Design as a painter. After a long detour in the film industry, Robin found her way back to fine art over twelve years ago but this time her portrait painting abilities transitioned into photography as her medium. 

Her love of portraiture and photography has grown and evolved over the last decade, winning accolades for her fine art portraits along with her well known personal series called Footprints which targets environmental issues.

Robin's works have been featured internationally with LensCulture, Dodho Magazine, the International Photography Awards, Chromatic Awards Book and PhotoNews Canada. She has been interviewed by the photographer's haven Phlearn in Chicago and received over a million views on her "Weekly Flickr" interview that she gave at Yahoo in New York City. Her images can also be seen on close to one hundred book covers around the world.

Fast forward to 2022 and Robin is excited to have expanded into the world of dance photography as well as continuing on with book covers, commercial and fine art projects. 

Robin works and resides just North of Toronto in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.



CHROMATIC AWARDS - Shopping Spree - Honourable Mention/Published - Fine Art 2017

NEUTRAL DENSITY AWARDS - Shopping Spree - Honourable Mention - Fine Art - 2017

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Climate change awards - Honourable Mention - 2017

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Water Portraits - Honourable Mention - Fine Art Portrait - 2016

DODHO MAGAZINE - Feature - October 8, 2015 - Article

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Footprints II - Honourable Mention - Fine Art 2015

PHOTONEWS CANADA - Magazine article - May 2015 - Article

DODHO MAGAZINE - Footprints feature April 7, 2015 - Article

PHLEARN INTERVIEW - November 2014 - Interview

PHOTOVOGUE - "A Mother's Love", Best of the Day, November 2014

THE WEEKLY FLICKR - October 2014 feature

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Footprints series - Honourable Mention - Fine Art Portraiture 2014

PHOTOVOGUE - "Kindred Souls", Best of the Day, November 2013

PHOTOVOGUE - "The Death of Triton's Mistress", Best of the Day, Sept. 20, 2013

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - "Les Femmes de L'eau" - HM Fine Art Portraiture,  Sept. 2013

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - "Ethereal Souls" - HM Fine Art Portraiture, Sept. 2013

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